Features & Benefits

Small in size, but plenty powerful, this machine does the work of much larger gas-powered splitters, but without any of the hassles. And it costs much less, too!

Plug the DR Wood Splitter into any standard household outlet (110v) and you're ready to get started. Then just load a log, push a lever and watch it split tough hardwood logs up to 10" in diameter and 20" long in seconds. Split a little at a time or work all day.


  • Quiet, no gas or oil...you can even use it indoors

  • Uses any ordinary 110-volt outlet

  • Splits logs up to 10" thick


Split wood indoors or out with clean, electric power. Easy-to-use splitter features a 1,090 watt, 120V AC motor that splits wood 20 inches in length and 10 inches in diameter. Uses any 110v household outlet.